Discovering the Genome is a web-based curriculum for science classes. The curriculum consists of modules that introduce genomics to students.  The modules include videos, activities, discussion questions, and other tools so students can  explore and discover the genome.

Course Module Features

  • Modules are listed on the left in order of foundational topics to more advanced topics.
  • Modules are designed to be self-contained and can be used as a whole or in sections that enhance your existing curriculum.
  • Module descriptions and educator tips are in the For Teachers section of the website.
  • Modules can be used in any order that is appropriate for your students.

Genomics is an exciting, quickly advancing technical field. It affects healthcare, food production, natural resources management, and environmental conservation. It stimulates bioengineering and synthetic biology solutions. It answers questions about biology and life that haven’t answered before. It poses many more new questions. We invite you and your students to discover the genome…

A. Raj Lab

DNA and RNA in Cells

Here, we mark specific kinds of molecules inside of cells with differently colored fluorescent markers to investigate different aspects of cellular function via microscopic imaging. In this case, we have labeled the cell’s DNA in dark blue and the DNA that is being copied in cyan. The magenta spots correspond to individual RNA molecules that come from a gene that is only active when the cell is actively replicating the DNA. Learn more about research in the Raj Lab.