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About the Course Module

RNA Sequencing

Enter the Course Module: 

This module introduces RNA measurement and sequencing as a technique for learning about cell and tissue functionality.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore several methods for measuring RNA.
  • Develop a general understanding of how to perform RNA sequencing experiments.
Estimated Module Timing: 

Why Look at RNA: 5-15 minutes, depending on previous background
Measuring: 10-40 minutes, depending on previous background
Sequencing: 5-10 minutes
Preparing: 20-30 minutes
Activity: 30-50 minutes

Why Look at RNA Instead of DNA?

If we want to compare the functions of two different kinds of cells in your body, like muscle cells and skin cells, should we look at their RNA or DNA content?


Sequencing RNA

Which technique would you use if you are trying to discover new genes: microarray or RNA-seq?

RNA-seq. With microarrays, we need to know which genes we want to measure before we perform the experiment.

Preparing and Sequencing RNA

What are the four steps in RNA-seq library preparation?

Step 1: Fragment RNA.

Step 2: Convert RNA into cDNA.

Step 3: Make a second strand of DNA.

Step 4: Attach DNA adapters.

Performing Sequencing Reaction

What is the name of the glass plate where we perform the actual sequencing reactions?

Flow cell